Gastric Balloon

Gastric BalloonGastric balloon is one of the non-surgical methods used in obesity treatment. Thanks to the balloon that takes up space in the stomach, the feeling of satiety increases and less calories are taken. In this procedure, which is performed endoscopically, a balloon filled with water is placed in the stomach. In this operation, which is performed in a semi-sleep state, the placed balloon can remain in the stomach for 6 to 12 months. If you wish, After this information, let’s talk about who and how it is applied, what tests are done, how much weight is lost, and gastric balloon price.

Who is the Gastric Balloon Applied to?

Gastric balloon is a suitable method for patients whose surgical treatment poses a risk. Patients with a body mass index of 27-35 who want to lose weight in a healthy way, if they cannot lose weight with diet and sports, can apply to gastric balloon application. Patients who have to use blood thinners continuously, those with damage to the esophagus due to reflux and gastric hernia, patients with stomach and duodenal ulcers and pregnant women cannot have gastric balloon application.

Gastric Balloon

How is the Gastric Balloon Applied?

First of all, this form of treatment is not a surgical method. For this reason, it can be easily applied to a wide range of patient groups. In addition, the fact that it is not surgery ensures that many surgical risks are eliminated. The application of the balloon takes place within the following steps.


Before starting the procedure, the patient’s condition must be analyzed. Current weight, medical history, reasons for weight gain and loss are included in this review. As a result of the examination, the most suitable volume and type of balloon is selected for the person.

  • Food consumption should be stopped at least twelve hours before the operation and fluid consumption should be stopped at least six hours before the operation.
  • When the operation time comes, the patient is put to sleep with mild anesthetic drugs. With the endoscopy device, first the esophagus and then the inner surface of the stomach are examined in detail.
  • The main purpose of this examination is to check whether there is a structure that will reduce the effect of the balloon or damage the balloon.
  • If the patient’s esophagus and stomach structure is suitable for the balloon, the endoscopy device goes down to the stomach for the second time.
  • In this descent, the balloon is deflated at the tip.
  • After the balloon is placed in the most suitable position possible, it is inflated with air or liquid.
  • The patient does not feel the slightest pain during the procedure.
  • After the operation is completed, the patient wakes up and may feel a slight nausea, this is normal.
  • The entire operation does not exceed half an hour. To check the status of your balloon, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for three hours after the operation.

If the controls are uneventful, the patient is discharged outpatient.

The application is done in this way for average and ideal patients. In some extreme patients, changes can be made to the application procedure. There may also be a certain preparation period at the time before the operation, depending on the examination- analysis process. The whole process outside of this procedure is shaped by the doctor, the hospital and the patient’s condition.

Gastric BalloonWhich Tests Are Performed Before Gastric Balloon?

Before gastric balloon operation, it should be checked whether there is reflux, gastritis or ulcer, duodenal ulcer and other related diseases in the stomach. In addition to the blood tests performed on the patient, a pregnancy test should also be applied.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With a Gastric Balloon?

After inserting a gastric balloon, weight is lost very quickly in the first two months. Weight loss slows down in the period from the second month to the sixth month. If the balloon will remain for a year, only one kilo per month can be given on the dates close to its removal. This is quite normal and expected case. In gastric balloons, which are placed in order to lose weight, the person is very close to his ideal weight. In those who have gastric sleeve surgery, the person becomes ready for surgery.

In order for the weight lost in gastric balloon operations to be at the specified levels, the most appropriate gastric balloon should be inserted, the volume should be adjusted correctly and the doctor who performed it should be an expert. When all the ideal factors are combined, the maximum weight loss rate is achieved.

How Does the Price of Gastric Balloon Change?

It is possible to apply different price policies in pricing all kinds of interventions to the body for weight loss. Although dozens of different factors affect this price policy, we can explain how the gastric balloon price changes with the following items:

  • The patient’s condition and any risk situation that may affect the process can increase or decrease the price. In cases where gastric balloon operation is used in preparation for other operations, the risk premium is higher than normal because the patient is overweight. In this case, too, prices may increase by as much as twenty percent.
  • The hospital conditions where the operation is performed, the success of the hospital in previous operations, and the brand status can also affect the prices. Although the brand status does not seem to be a factor, it makes a difference in terms of solving the problems that may occur after the operation.
  • The specialist physician and her team who perform the operation are also very important in determining the prices. . Doctors who perform the balloon operation hundreds of times are naturally more costly, but it will be more beneficial to choose a specialist doctor for the quality of the operation and the process after the operation.

The quality of the gastric balloon used during the operation may also affect the price of the application. In particular, whether it is air-filled or liquid-filled has serious effects on the price. In addition to all these price variables, dozens of other factors can be counted. These factors may occur in a patient-specific, institution-specific or insurance-specific basis. The price policy applied by each hospital for gastric balloon operation is different from each other. In order to learn the exact price of the operation, it would be useful to contact a specialist hospital and get examined.

How to Feed After Gastric Balloon?

After the gastric balloon operation, liquid should be consumed for the first three days. Then, liquid and solid foods should be consumed together. Acidic, gaseous and fast food-style foods should be avoided. Patients should support the recommended nutrition plan with exercise.

How is the Post-Operation Gastric Balloon Process?

4 months after the balloon application, the liquid inside the balloon should be removed with the help of a catheter. After all the fluid has been drained, the balloon material does not need to be removed, as it is possible to remove the balloon naturally from the body. Balloon is a highly preferred method since there is no recovery process after the application.

One of the concerns and concerns of patients who have the balloon inserted is the possibility of the balloon popping up. After the application, if the patients continue their daily lives by taking into account the recommendations of the physician, there is no explosion, but the balloon may be punctured with a low probability. If such a situation occurs, The color of the patient’s urine will change due to the blue liquid in the balloon. In this case, the patient should consult his doctor. By determining the damage to the balloon, the material can be removed completely or a new one can be inserted if necessary.

In patients with gastric balloon implantation some complaints may occur after the application. While many patients complain of complaints such as cramps and nausea, some patients also have contractions. However, the body may reject the balloon while there is no obstacle in the pre-evaluation of the balloon application.